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Why Buy Custom TV LIFT Furniture BY

High-end Modern Design:
Pure line - Simplicity - Luxury - Elegance and Sophistication - ENNOBLED your TV Lift Furniture
Providing a new level of convenience.
By positioning your unit in front of your window, makes use of your space more efficient.
High Quality Furniture: Optimal Durability:
Selected woods with talented American Craftsmanship.  Product 100% made in USA.
Finest "Sleek & Chic" high gloss finish.
Nexus 21 TV Lift Mechanism:
A "WOW" combination between Technology & Elegance. 10 year Warranty, 100% made in USA.
Strong Technical Support. Hides any TV size.
"Sleek & Chic" loves challenges:
like oversizing TV Lift Home Theater or mini-chest which fits perfectly into the space allocated.  Limitless options.
"Sleek & Chic" offers a complete set of furniture:
Headboard, mirror, bar, bench... Mix and match.
Full suite of furniture.
Concept for an entire room:
Create a new Concept for specific needs or modernize an existing floor plan.
Multifunctional room.
"Sleek & Chic":  Pop-up your life:
Pleasantly impress guests with your luxurious Audio Video furniture surprising you each day.
Enjoy your secret "Sleek & Chic" TV Lift cabinet every day.

High-End Modern Design

"Sleek & Chic" Design restores authentic woodworking to its former glory. 

The accent is on clean, almost minimalist geometric lines. The "Sleek & Chic" silhouette is HIgh-end, modern, streamlined and elegant. Sophistication emerges from this simplicity.

With our collection, there is no "assembly required". The assembly remains the privilege of talented and highly experienced craftsmen. Your TV lift cabinet is built to exact specifications in five weeks in Florida.

Collection "Sleek & Chic" is also a modular concept.  Each modular model allows multiple configurations with doors, drawers and open shelves positioning. Ebonistery options add a touch of luxe:  veneer, mirror or sandblasted.

Nexus 21

Nexus 21 concealment systems motorize this elegant Audio Video cabinet.  This performance system hides and reveals TVs up to 103".  This advanced technology is made in USA from start to finish.

Make your project successful with "Sleek & Chic" TV Lift Furniture Manufacturer.


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